Nagano, Japan, March 13-24, 2008

Olympics, Buddhist temples, Japanese castles and snow monkeys!

The Roanoke Ski Club’s last trip of the season was to the Hakuba Valley in Nagano Prefecture of Japan. Since this was the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics, we got a chance to ski the Olympic downhill at Happo One. Some even observed the resort from the top of the Olympic ski jump.  But skiing took a back seat to sightseeing, exotic eating, luxury hotels, and a wonderful Japanese custom of soaking in the “Onsen” (bathing nude in an outdoor hot spring.)

Our first stop was Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Our guide took us on a tour of the awe inspiring Golden Pavilion, the Nijo Castle and to the 7 story Kyoto handicraft center.

While skiing in Hakuba, we took day trips to the Matsumoto Castle, the Daio wasabi farm, or a fishing village on the coast. The final two nights were in Tokyo.

Trip leader: Mandy Pommerenke.  Japan photographs courtesy of Seth Parvinder, Roger Pommerenke, Tony Donato,  Bruce Prillaman, and Denny Revak.

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01  DC to Tokyo flight 4120
01 DC to Tokyo flight 4120.jpg

123 Kyoto Kinkakuji
123 Kyoto Kinkakuji.jpg

132 Kyoto Kinkakuji
132 Kyoto Kinkakuji.jpg

179 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple
179 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple.jpg

180 KyotoKiyomizuTempleIMG_0815
180 KyotoKiyomizuTempleIMG_0815.jpg

184 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple
184 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple.jpg

193 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple
193 Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple.jpg

240 Kyoto Hotel Okura
240 Kyoto Hotel Okura.jpg

246 Kyoto Hotel Okura
246 Kyoto Hotel Okura.jpg

314 Hakuba Hotel Mominoki
314 Hakuba Hotel Mominoki.jpg

318 Hakuba Happo One
318 Hakuba Happo One.jpg

334 3 hakuba Onsen 2
334 3 Hakuba Onsen 2.jpg

334 hakuba Nagano  orisen 062
334 Hakuba Nagano onsen 062.jpg

334 hakuba Nagano  orisen 148
334 Hakuba Nagano onsen 148.jpg

397 Snow Monkey
397 Snow Monkey.jpg

436 Snow Monkey
436 Snow Monkey.jpg

495 Zenkoji Temple
495 Zenkoji Temple.jpg

556 Daio Wasabi  Farm
556 Daio Wasabi Farm.jpg

580 Matsumoto
580 Matsumoto.jpg

618 Matsumoto
618 Matsumoto.jpg

656 Hakuba 47
656 Hakuba 47.jpg

707 Hakuba-Tokyo bullet
707 Hakuba-Tokyo bullet.jpg

777 Tokyo Asakusa Temple
777 Tokyo Asakusa Temple.jpg

803 Tokyo Sumida River Cruise
803 Tokyo Sumida River Cruise.jpg

838 Tokyo Tower
838 Tokyo Tower.jpg

849 Tokyo Sushi near hotel in Shinjuku
849 Tokyo Sushi near hotel in Shinjuku.jpg

850 TokyoHotelIMG_0976
850 TokyoHotelIMG_0976.jpg

858 Tokyo Shinjuku
858 Tokyo Shinjuku.jpg

972a Tokyo Ginza
972a Tokyo Ginza.jpg

999 Kyoto Hotel Okura
999 Kyoto Hotel Okura.jpg